Green Juju Frozen Raw Goat, limited-ingredient diet for dogs, grass-fed goat, organ-rich formula, complete and balanced nutrition.
Green Juju Frozen Raw Goat product packaging, showing ingredients, feeding instructions, and nutritional information.
Green Juju Frozen Raw Goat Recipe for Dogs, Limited Ingredient, Grass-Fed, Complete and Balanced Frozen Sliders, 3.5 lb Package
Back of Green Juju Frozen Raw Goat package showing feeding instructions, guaranteed analysis, and product information.
Green Juju Frozen Raw Goat Recipe Bulk Frozen Patties Raw Diet for Dogs Packaging

Green Juju Frozen Raw Goat

Green Juju
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Our Goat Recipe is a complete and balanced, limited-ingredient diet. Made from responsibly sourced, grass-fed goat, this organ-rich formula is a perfect base for your dog's everyday nutrition!


Goat heart, goat (with bone), goat liver, goat kidney, organic parsley, organic kelp, vitamin E supplement.

Guaranteed analysis

Protein: 17.4%
Fat: 10.1%
Fiber: 0.76%
Moisture: 69.9%

1400 kcal/kg
39 kcal/oz

How to Feed

Defrost the amount of food your dog needs. Serve as a base and top with your favorite additions or on its own! New to raw? To transition, start slow and mix with current food for 5-7 days. Goat’s milk is great to help the tummy transition!