Savage Cat Chicken
Savage Cat Chicken
Savage Cat Chicken
Savage Cat Chicken
Savage Cat Chicken

Savage Cat Chicken

Savage Cat
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Savage Cat Food® is made with certified organic chicken from Petaluma Poultry and Pitman Farms in California. The chickens are free range, fed a non-GMO diet, and not given antibiotics. The tub is a pure grind without chunks, making it great for picky cats or cats with dental needs.
  • No Soy
  • No Wheat/Gluten
  • No Corn
  • No Rice
  • No Vegetables
  • No Fruits
  • No Kelp/Algae
  • No GMOs
  • No Artificial Colorings
  • No BPA
  • No Artificial Flavorings
  • No Artificial Preservatives


    Compared with kibble

    Cat food today is marketed to the health conscious human. Advertisements including “açaí berry” and “sweet potatoes” sound healthy to us but leave our carnivorous cats with little nutrition.

    Historically, cats have never cooked their meals. Instead they receive nutrients and moisture from their prey. The lack of moisture in dry food takes a toll on the cat’s digestive system and can lead to a number of health problems, as serious as urinary or bladder stones.

    Feeding Savage Cat Food® significantly lowers the risk of diabetes and Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disorder and can help manage weight as well.

    Compared with canned

    Canned diets retain moisture but lack certain digestive enzymes, bones and organs that cats would normally eat in the wild.

    Even “grain-free” cat foods may contain useless fillers such as potatoes, carrots, peas and avocados.

    When a cat eats exclusively Savage Cat Food® you will notice considerably less waste and smell in the litter box, a softer healthier coat and increased oral health.

    Compare with other raw

    • Savage Cat Food® contains real animal bone and marrow, the nutrients of which cannot be fully replicated with eggshell.
    • Savage Cat Food® is not subjected to High Pressure Processing, which can damage helpful bacteria and change the taste of foods.
    • Our packets include actual muscle chunks, such as diced chicken breast, that encourage chewing and gnawing.
    • Our packets eliminate the need for a scale and minimize the time raw meat is in the fridge. 
    • Our tub food is the same as the packets except with the muscle chunks ground up, which is easier for cats with dental needs to eat.

    Whole chicken with bones*, chicken heart*, chicken liver*, certified organic egg yolks, water, psyllium husk powder, wild salmon oil, taurine, vitamin E, vitamin B complex, adrenal tissue, spleen tissue, thymus tissue, pancreas tissue, salt.

    *All chicken is certified organic, hormone and antibiotic free, sustainably and free range raised.

    Guaranteed Analysis

    Protein: 13% min.
    Fat: 6% min.
    Fiber: .5% max.
    Moisture: 77% max.
    Ash: 2% max.
    Calcium: .8%
    Phosphorus: .7%
    Magnesium: .05%
    Taurine: .2%
    Calories: 36 per ounce
    Calcium to phosphorus ratio: 1.2:1

    Feeding Guideline

    Thaw 1 packet or 1 tub in the refrigerator. The packets can be run under warm water, do not microwave. Feed cat 2% to 4% of cat’s weight daily. Keep thawed food in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Feed two meals daily, or more if recommended by a veterinarian or for kittens and pregnant or nursing cats.