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Schedule a Self Serve Dog Wash - MUST READ REQUIREMENTS - Bakersfield Pet Food Delivery

Schedule a Self Serve Dog Wash - MUST READ REQUIREMENTS

Self Serve Pet Spa
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Please be kind, this is just as difficult for us, as it is for you. We must follow guidelines to stay open and for us this is our livelihood. Thank you.

You purchasing this wash is acknowledgement that you read, understand and agree with the following guidelines. DO NOT change the quantity to anything other than 1.

If you are unable to keep your appointment, please contact us immediately so another can have your slot.

CANCELLATIONS: No refunds for cancelled appointments not adhering to policy, missed appointments or appointments cancelled 2 hours prior to start time.  Email us @ or text (661) 412-0512 to cancel an appointment. 


  • Masks are required
  • Time slot of 1 hour for up to 2 animals if two can be washed within the hour, there will be no refund if you run out of time (you will be charged for the number of animals).
  • 1 person per appointment
  • Late arrival appointments will not get additional time.
  • Animals and people must maintain 6’ social distancing.
  • No persons showing signs of sickness will be allowed into store.
    • No public restrooms available.
    • In the notes please tell us the largest dog you will be washing.

    Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we try to get back to a life or normalcy - David & Amy


    Buster's Scrub (Regular Bath)
    • Waist high tubs
    • Espree Energee Plus Shampoo
    • Ear cleaner
    • Eye drops
    • Blow dryers for pets
    • Towels
    • Waterproof apron
    • Grooming brushes and grooming combs!
    • Last wash ½ hour before closing
    Molly's Rainforest (Smell good)
    • Includes regular bath plus…
    • Rainforest/Blueberry Shampoo Upgrade
    • Rainforest/Blueberry Conditioner
    • Rainforest/Blueberry Spritz
    Haley's Spa Package (Pampering)
    • Includes regular bath plus…
    • Blueberry Facial
    • Paw Balm
    • Espree Shampoo
    • Conditioner upgrade (any reg. $2 shampoo upgrade)
    Sunny's De-shed (Shedding)
    • Includes regular bath plus…
    • Espree Deshed Shampoo Upgrade
    • Espree Deshed Treatment